Monday, April 2, 2007


First, I must emphasise that this blog is probably not going to be 100% accurate, because the suddenness of the occurrence of this idea gives a good hint as to the unthinking nature of this project. It is a gigantic task I've taken on to write weekly (at least weekly. You must prod me on this) about a subject that is supremely immense and extremely esoteric at the same time, that, sadly I must admit, I have scant knowledge of. But anything and everything to get you interested in some of this stuff.

In all the posts that are to come, I hope to take you through topics that hopefully have some relevance to what we are doing in class, although I can foresee myself getting side-tracked by other equally, if not more interesting things along the way. I will try to avoid any form of mathematics for the benefit of those who have grown to dislike the mere possibility of the existence of such an abominable subject, although, inevitably, physics being a mathematical science and all, I will throw in things that you at least can comprehend at some level.

The goal here is this: for you to read the stuff here and realise that what I'm talking about in class is much greater than the technical dryness that necessarily comes together with being a novice in the subject, for you to realise that without technicalities and fundamentals, you will fail to understand the intricacies of the greatest achievements in human thought on the nature of the universe, and for you to appreciate the fact that what you are doing in class has a meaning, and more than that, a beauty.

Do I seem a little insane? Talking like that? I hope so. And I hope you'll join me in this insanity too.

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